Speeding + Warm Weather = Tickets!

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Spring has officially arrived and so has the warmer temperatures.  With an up and down winter that saw a lot of snow in some places and virtually nothing south of the GTA, we are glad to say good bye to winter and hello to taking off the snow tires and rolling the windows down.  With warm weather comes the desire to drive a little faster and turn the music up a little louder.  Officers will now have more room to park on the shoulder of the highway, including the grassy areas to target speeding and aggressive driving.  Officer’s will even use business parking lots and residences more now that the snow banks have receded.  Be aware of your surroundings and especially what speed zone you are travelling in.  Remember, any built up area, regardless of signs, is to be treated as a 50 km/hr unless posted otherwise.  Also, officer’s will continue to enforce school zones even though there is typically no school during the summer.  These are noted as “community safety zones”.  Community safety zones carry stiffer fines for any offences committed within its boundary’s.  During the warmer months, our firm will see a dramatic rise in the number of clients looking for representation on speeding tickets.  If you find you are charged with a speeding offence, or any other tickets, do not hesitate to call SW Legal Services at 905-235-4567  or email to info@swlegalservices.ca.  The initial consultation is always free.  There is nothing to lose by contacting us.  It could be the smartest call you make!  Just don’t be like this guy:


Dale Herrington, Licensed Paralegal

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