Distracted Driving

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Distracted driving remains the number one driving problem in Ontario.  According to the OPP, inattentive drivers were responsible for the highest number of lives lost in collisions, for a fourth consecutive year.  65 people died in OPP investigated collisions in 2016 where an inattentive driver was a contributing or primary cause of the death.


Catching distracted/aggressive drivers continues to be a main focus for police.  The evidence is out there as to the importance of curbing this behavior, yet driver’s still continue the risk.  This has resorted in police using unusual tactics to catch offenders.  Recently, York Regional Police have been positioning officers in VIVA transit buses along the Yonge Street corridor to observe offenders passing by.  They would then radio to an intercept unit to pull the offending driver over and issue a ticket.  Driving while using a handheld device carries 3 demerit points and a $400 set fine if issued by a ticket.On top of this, there are also victim fines and court surcharges.  If the offence is egregious enough, they may choose to summons you immediately to court to answer to the charge where your fine could be substantially increased!  If you possess a novice license (G1,G2, M1,M2) you also face a 30 day license suspension!

If you find yourself charged with using a cell phone ticket / handheld device, being distracted or other offences, do not hesitate to contact SW Legal Services at  905-235-4567 or info@swlegalservices.ca.  We offer a free initial consultation.  We routinely represent clients for these offences and a host of others.  We will appear in court and advocate for your rights.  Don’t let your good driving record be blemished.

Dale Herrington, Licensed Paralegal

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