Are you going through with your divorce proceedings? If so, we wish you a great future ahead. But wait! Have you thought about parenting time mediation Vaughan to ensure efficient co-parenting for your children? Parenting Time Mediation VaughanIf not, now is the right time while you are still in the process of finalizing your divorce. If you have children, you need to consider the custody and co-parenting terms to include in the final divorce papers. To determine the best way to ensure safe and sound child custody, you need to go through the parenting time mediation Vaughan process. And for the same, you can get in touch with us at SW Legal Service PC. Our team of paralegals can give you a quick rundown of the whole process. Moreover, we can prepare you for the mediation process and assist you with the paperwork. However, if you want brief information about parenting time mediation Vaughan before approaching us, here’s a quick overview. 

Child Custody Mediation: What is it?

To explain in brief, child custody mediation is a process where the divorcing parents meet with a certified mediator and come to an agreement regarding physical and legal custody of the children. Mediators are not a lawyer but legal professionals who will guide the divorcing parents to come to a sustainable and viable co-parenting decision. Although the mediator will guide the parenting time mediation Vaughan discussions, they won’t take any decision on behalf of the divorcing parents. 

Types of Child Custody Mediation

  • Court-Ordered Child Custody Mediation

If you feel that your ex-spouse is hostile towards the whole process of child custody, you can opt for court-ordered child custody mediation. In the process, you can agree on co-parenting terms in a safe space with your divorce lawyers and other legal professionals. Court-ordered child custody mediation is low-cost or sometimes free. The costs of the process are determined based on the income of the parents. 

  • Private Child Custody Mediation

Even if you have court-ordered child custody mediation, you can opt for a private child custody mediation process. Usually, private parenting time mediation Vaughan is best for divorce cases where the separation is mutual. In this case, both you and your ex-spouse are in the same mindset of doing what’s best for your children in a cordial way.

Parenting Time Mediation VaughanIf you want to choose private child custody mediation, you can get in touch with us at SW Legal Service PC. Our team of certified paralegals can set your private child custody mediation session and walk you and your ex-spouse through the process effectively. Hiring a paralegal team such as ours will be beneficial for you because the whole process will be cost-effective, and we will take care of the paperwork easily. 

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