Are you looking to get free legal advice Barrie? If so, you must know that you should get free legal advice only from licensed professionals. At SW Legal Service PC, our team of paralegals is licensed, certified, and experienced to provide free legal advice to clients. We have worked with different types of clients on different types of cases. Hence, we can offer you a better insight into legally tackling your case effectively.Free Legal Advice Barrie Working for several years in law, we know that many people think that taking free legal advice from just about anybody can help them. However, this is not true! When you take free legal advice Barrie from an unlicensed professional, you don’t have any protection if things go wrong. This is how it can impact your legal journey. 

  • An unlicensed professional doesn’t have the right qualifications and experience to provide legal advice. This means you can get wrong advice which may result in deeper legal issues.
  • An unlicensed professional is not bound by law to follow the code of conduct. They are also not liable to answer any regulator.
  • And lastly, you might lose a lot of money and time working with an unlicensed professional. An unlicensed professional is not bound to carry insurance or provide compensation to you if things don’t work out legally. Moreover, the unlicensed professional may take money from you promising to provide free legal advice Barrie but fails to do so. 

So, as you can see, taking legal advice from an unlicensed professional is highly risky. Hence, you must ensure that when you are in a legal issue, you must always contact a licensed professional lawyer or paralegal team for legal advice. If you are in immediate need of free legal advice Barrie, get in touch with us at SW Legal Service PC. Our team of professional paralegals is certified to provide you with legal advice to fit your case. We will assist you in getting the best possible results for your case.Free Legal Advice Barrie

Consulting a licensed legal professional can greatly benefit your legal journey. 

  • A licensed legal professional is qualified and has the knowledge to provide legal advice to you. If you have any issue with the legal professional, you can file a complaint with Law Society Ontario. 
  • If you faced losses due to the negligence of the legal professional, you could get compensation for the losses. You can apply for a compensation fund at Law Society Ontario. 

Hence, to get professional and free legal advice Barrie, contact us at SW Legal Service PC now.

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