Are you thinking of filing for divorce from your partner? If so, you might be thinking of hiring a divorce lawyerHowever, instead of hiring a divorce lawyer, you might want to take a look at the family law mediation Vaughan process. This is one of the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques that can be very helpful during the divorce process. And you won’t have to hire an expensive divorce lawyer. Family Law Mediation VaughanInstead, you can rely on mediation services from professional paralegals such as ours at SW Legal Service PC. Our team of professional and certified paralegals will not only mediate your divorce process but will also prove to be more cost-effective. 

Now, there are different types of family law mediation Vaughan that you can opt for based on the type of divorce case or other family law disputes.

  • Evaluative Mediation

This type of family law mediation Vaughan includes evaluating the severity of each case. The mediator will evaluate and determine the weaknesses and strengths of each case. They will also determine and suggest how a judge may react to the said case points. Most evaluative mediation happens individually, and they are focused less on resolution but on determining how strong or weak the case is. 

  • Facilitative Mediation

This type of family law mediation Vaughan includes coming to an understanding after collecting relevant information about the case. The mediator will aim to validate the points made by each party by asking the right questions. The mediator will not provide any opinions or make any final decision. This type of family mediation will happen in joint sessions.

  • Transformative Mediation

This type of family law mediation Vaughan includes empowering each individual in the relationship and transforming the dynamic as a whole. Transformative mediation is good for relationships where there is discord but mutual willingness to resolve the issue. The mediator will bring out and emphasize the values, interests, needs, and points of view of each party. This can help each party recognize the value the other individual brings to the relationship and mend their overall dynamic.

Family Law Mediation Vaughan

Family law mediation has saved several relationships from breaking down. Instead, they have helped them strengthen over time. If you are interested in knowing more about family law mediation, the process, the benefits, and how to prepare for it, get in touch with our team at SW Legal Service PC. Our team of professional paralegals will assist you in understanding this method and other strategies for alternative dispute resolution. 

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