Do you want to sue someone? Is it an individual or a company? In any case, you want to bring someone to the court to get the rightful claim that you deserve. If you are suing someone for an amount of $35,000 or less, you can take them to small claims court NewmarketIf you want to sue someone for an amount of more than $35,000, you need to take them to the Superior Court of Justice. 

Small Claims Court NewmarketHowever, if you want to take someone to small claims court Newmarket, you may either represent yourself or get in touch with us at SW Legal Service PC. Our team of paralegals can do the paperwork and represent you for your small claims. But before you go to small claims court, here are the steps to sue someone that you should know. 

  • Think about whether you really want to sue someone? 

Start by considering whether you can solve the issue any other way without involving the court. If you think that the issue can’t be resolved outside, you must go to small claims court Newmarket right away. 

  • Initiate a claim

Once you have decided to go to small claims court, you need to initiate a claim. This will include a lot of paperwork. This is where you can get assistance from our paralegal team at SW Legal Service PC. You can send the paperwork through the mail, in-person, or online. 

  • Wait for a reply

Once you have filed the claim, the person or company you are suing will be sent a notice to pay you the money. If they agree, you don’t need to go to a small claims court. 

  • Going to the court

However, if the person or company denies paying you, you must go to the small claims court Newmarket. The judge will ask you to settle the claim. If this doesn’t work out, you will undergo a trial. 

  • Win or Lose Case

If you win the case, the person must pay you the money owed. If they don’t, you can initiate a legal process to take over the property or money owed to you. If you lose the case, you might have to pay the cost of the case. Small Claims Court NewmarketIf you need more assistance for filing a case, or representation in small claims court Newmarket, contact us at SW Legal Service PC. Our team of paralegals can help you do the paperwork, represent you, and guide you in the right direction. Contact us now to know more.

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