Are you being sued in the small claims court for $35,000 or less? If so, you must know what you should do to answer the small claims court notice. Normally, you won’t need a lawyer Barrie for small claims court cases. However, you can consult a paralegal team such as us at SW Legal Service PC. Our team of professional paralegals is completely aware of the latest small claims court regulations. Hence, they can assist you in the same.Lawyer Barrie If you are being sued and have received a notice for a small claims lawsuit, you must respond in the next 20 days. With the assistance of a lawyer Barrie or a paralegal team, you can also file a counterclaim in these 20 days. 

Here are the steps to efficiently reply to a small claims court lawsuit notice. 

  • Start by filling out form 9A (Defence). In the form, you can dispute or admit or both to all the claims made in the notice against you. You need to provide all the supporting documents with the form to create a strong defence. A professional lawyer Barrie or a paralegal team can help you with gathering the evidence for the same. 
  • You need to serve all the documents attached with your defence. The documents must be served to all the parties mentioned in the Plaintiff’s notice. 
  • Fill the form 8A (Affidavit of Service) as proof that you have served your defence documents to all the parties mentioned by the Plaintiff. 
  • You need to file all these documents and forms within 20 days of getting the claim notice. You must file the documents in the same small claims court as your Plaintiff. 
  • You need to pay $73 as the court filing fee. 
  • The court will provide you with information regarding the next step. This can either be a settlement conference or a trial. If your small claims court case goes to trial, make sure to hire a professional lawyer Barrie

As you can see, the process to reply to a small claims court notice includes filling out forms and gathering documents. On one hand, a lawyer can guide you on how to tackle the case, a paralegal team can help you with the documentation and paperwork. Lawyer BarrieAnd you can avail yourself both at SW Legal Service PC. We offer professional and experienced legal representation under the guidance of certified lawyer Barrie. In addition, we also provide extended paralegal services to our clients in need. 

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