Do you want to rent out a property that you own? If so, you must know that certain responsibilities must be carried out by the landlord and tenant Barrie alike. As a landlord, you are responsible for the maintenance of the building and providing a safe space for your tenants to live and thrive. This includes following all the required regulations set by the administration. Landlord and tenant BarrieAt SW Legal Service PC, we find several clients who don’t have the right idea about landlord and tenant Barrie responsibilities. Especially about the Ontario Fire Code! Now, we know you won’t have the time to read the whole legal document. Hence, we provide comprehensive details to our clients while creating their lease agreements. 

Here’s what we tell our clients who are potential landlords to a set of tenants in a building. 

  • As a landlord, you must know what type of housing you are renting out to others. Whether it is single-family housing, two-unit housing, apartment buildings or lodgings, or boardings. Based on the type of building, you will need to follow the building code and Ontario Fire Code. If not followed, you might have to pay a huge fine or even imprisonment. To avoid this hassle, make sure to follow the Ontario Fire Code that stipulates landlord and tenant Barrie responsibilities. 
  • As a landlord, you must make a schedule to carry out your fire prevention responsibilities. This includes checking the shed storage and garage for any hazardous materials, the walls, and corridors for any damage, hazards in the laundry rooms, providing the right electrical solutions and avoiding furnace hazards. 
  • As a landlord, your fire detection responsibilities include installing a smoke alarm in the apartments. After installing the smoke alarm, you must check it monthly. Smoke alarms must always be active. If you find your tenants switching off the smoke alarms frequently, make a note of it. You can also include the smoke alarm clause in the lease agreement. For the same, you can contact our team at SW Legal Service PC

As a landlord, you must have a fire escape plan in place. This must include the responsibilities of the landlord and tenant Barrie. For example, the fire plan must indicate the fire safety practices the occupants must follow, the ways to assist firefighters when they arrive, and more.Landlord and Tenant Barrie

At SW Legal Service PC, we have an extended talk with landlord and tenant Barrie clients. Our team of paralegals helps them understand their responsibilities and what they can include in the lease agreement by law. 

So, if you need assistance with the same, contact our team now.

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