Do you want to file a claim in the small claims court? If so, you need to know that it costs money and time to file a claim in small claims court. And if you lose the case, you need to pay the extra court costs. Hence, our team of Newmarket small claims court paralegal suggests that you must be utmost sure to file a claim. If you are not, they suggest you take the route of negotiation, arbitration, or mediationAs our team of Newmarket small claims court paralegal at SW Legal Service PC explains further, these methods allow you to solve the issue outside court saving you time and money.

Newmarket Small Claims Court ParalegalHere’s what happens in these three alternative methods of settling the case. 

  • Negotiation

In this method, you can meet the other party and talk to them. You can tell them what they owe you and why it would be wise to pay you without taking the issue to the court. If you feel you can always take the help of a professional Newmarket small claims court paralegal to communicate better with the other party. Most times people come to an agreement outside court with effective negotiation. 

  • Mediation

When you involve a third party that is neutral to the dispute, this process is mediation. The mediator will not represent anyone specifically but will encourage effective communication between both parties. Also, to start the mediation process, both parties must agree to involve a mediator. And both parties must have legal counsel separate from the mediator. For example, you can have Newmarket small claims court paralegal as your legal counsel during mediation. 

  • Arbitration

Although this is a slightly more expensive process than mediation, the decision made during this process by the arbitrator is legally binding. The process includes a neutral third party who will take into consideration all the evidence that is admissible by the court. Based on the evidence, the arbitrator will give a decision that must be accepted by both parties. 

Newmarket Small Claims Court ParalegalIf the case isn’t solved with any of these three methods, you can then go to court and file a claim in small claims court. This will involve a lot of legal paperwork and for the same, you can contact us at SW Legal Service PC. 

Our professional, certified, and experienced team of Newmarket small claims court paralegal will assist you in filing the claim effectively.

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