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The Landlord & Tenant Board, Ontario

The Landlord and Tenant Board is constantly evolving with economic and social trends. Be on top of the changes with experienced representation!

SW Legal Services PC has a winning litigation team that will help you get results in the Landlord and Tenant Board. With experience practicing in the Ontario Landlord & Tenant Board (part of the Social Justice Tribunals), we are able to issue Notice(s) of Termination and prepare Applications for both Landlords and/or Tenants.

Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant, you have rights and responsibilities that you should be aware of in order to protect and uphold them. Our clients regularly praise our success, read what they have to say;


After being several months behind in rent, I thought I was going to be evicted for sure and had no idea where my family would end up. I thank god every day that I contacted SW Legal Services. I didn’t have to move.

J.M. Scarborough

My tenant was behind, damaged my unit and caused bed bug problems. I couldn’t believe he was taking me to the board for compensation. SW Legal Services ended the nightmare!.

M. L. Toronto

TENANTS have the RIGHT to:

  • Security of tenancy: you may only be evicted from the unit if the Landlord has followed the proper processes and has obtained an eviction order from the Board.
  • Privacy: your Landlord may only enter the unit by following s.26 or s.27 of the Act.


  • Ensuring that full rental payments are rendered to the right individuals by the due date.
  • Keeping your unit clean to the standard of what most people would consider ‘normal cleanliness’.
  • Repairing any damages caused to unit by yourself or a guest you permitted into the unit, intentionally or otherwise.

TENANTS are NOT allowed:

  • To change the locking system on the door that allows entry into the unit without the Landlord’s permission.
  • Withhold rental payments.
  • Vacate the rental unit without written notice issued with the appropriate notice to the Landlord.

LANDLORDS have the RIGHT to:

  • Collect a rent deposit for the amount for one month’s rent only. This ‘deposit’ is often coined as the last month’s rent as it is meant to be applied towards the Tenant’s last month’s rental payment. The Landlord is required to pay the tenant (or hold on their behalf), interest on the deposit held every year.
  • Increase the rent in accordance with the guideline that is set by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing and by providing a 90 day notice to the Tenant regarding the anticipated increase.


  • Keeping the rental property in a good state of repair by meeting health, safety and maintenance standards.
  • Conducting the repairs as required throughout the unit.
  • Providing a copy of the Tenancy Agreement to the Tenant within three weeks of its execution. If a written agreement does not exist then the Landlord is responsible for providing their legal name and address to the Tenant(s).

LANDLORDS are NOT allowed to:

  • Deliberately interfere with the supply of a vital service (hot or cold water, fuel, gas, electricity, heat), and other services as agreed upon within the Lease Agreement.
  • Remove any property from the rental unit in lieu of arrears of rent.
  • Lock the Tenant(s) out of the rental unit without an eviction order or change the locking system of the door that allows entry to the unit without the consent of the Tenant(s).
  • Demand a particular method of payment of either post-dated cheques or automatic debit; this is something that must be agreed upon by both parties.

The passion and determination brought forth by our paralegals when addressing each matter makes a winning team. SW Legal Services PC has the knowledge, experience and ambition that to resolve your residential disputes by reducing any un-necessary worries and by providing support and guidance throughout the processes.

If you are experiencing a dispute within your residential tenancy and are unsure of what your rights are, please feel free to email us or call, or Contact us for a free consultation!

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