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Illegal Lockouts

A Landlord does not have the right to force a Tenant to move out; if the parties cannot come to an agreement then the Board must determine if an eviction order is to be issued by way of a hearing. Even when an eviction order is issued and the Tenant does not vacate the property willingly then the Landlord must file the order with the Court Enforcement Officer (Sheriff). An appointment will be scheduled for the Sheriff to visit the property and ensure that the Tenant leaves.

Similarly, a Landlord does not maintain the right to lock a Tenant out of the rental unit. In such a case the Tenant can call the police or call the Investigation and Enforcemnet of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (416-585-7214, or toll-free 1-888-772-9277.

An illegal lock out by your Landlord is a ground to file an application at the Board; through such an application, Application About Tenant Rights (T2), a Tenant can request the Board to order an issue to allow the tenancy to continue or perhaps to allow you access into the unit to retrieve your belongings, amongst many other remedies.

Both the Landlord and the Tenant are prohibited by the Act from changing the locking system, without an agreement.

Should you ever be illegally locked out by your Landlord, make sure you get legal advice!

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