Has somebody violated your legal rights? Have you suffered a loss amounting to up to $35,000? If so, you can start a small claims Barrie lawsuit. At SW Legal Service PC, our team of paralegals will assist you in filling the application forms and creating legal documents to start a small claims Barrie lawsuit. However, do you know that there is a time limit to filing a small claims lawsuit?Small Claims Barrie

Yes, as per the Ontario Limitation Act, there is a time limit to file a small claims lawsuit. If you cross the said time limit, you are not eligible to file a claim. There are different time limits set for different types of small claims violations. In general, the time limit to start a lawsuit is two years in Ontario. This time limit is calculated based either on the very first day the problem occurred or from the date of the notice. 

  • For example, if you are suing an architect, surgeon, physician, or Provincial Crown, the time limit will be calculated based on the day you must have known about the injury or problem. In cases like these, the normal time limit is two years.

However, if you are starting a small claims Barrie lawsuit against the Provincial Crown, you need to wait at least 60 days after the notice was served to initiate a lawsuit. 

  • Or if you are suing someone for injury compensation, the time limit to start a lawsuit is two years. However, you do have the provision to extend this statutory limit with the judge’s permission. 

If you start a small claims Barrie lawsuit after the limitation period, you might not be allowed to start a lawsuit in the first place. Hence, at SW Legal Service PC, we always ask our clients to accurately determine the time limit before filing a lawsuit. This allows us to help our clients save time and money in the long run. Small Claims BarrieWe also tell our clients that there are even shorter time limits for certain cases. For example, to sue an insurance company, the time limit is one year. Or to sue for personal injury cases, the time limit is as short as 10 days. So, before you start a small claims Barrie lawsuit against an individual, company, or municipality, make sure to check the time limit. 

And to get legal advice as well as assistance to develop your documents for small claims lawsuits, get in touch with us at SW Legal Service PC.

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