Ontario Landlord Tenant Board – Latest Eviction Rules

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Are you going to rent or lease a room in Ontario? If so, that will either make you a tenant or a landlord. And you will also come under the rules stipulated by the Ontario Landlord Tenant Board. This is an adjudicative tribunal established and operated by the government of Ontario. The board is created to protect the rights and interests of tenants and landlords in the province. So, whether you are a tenant or a landlord, you must know your rights and restrictions. If you are not aware, you can get in touch with us at SW Legal Services right away.

Ontario Landlord Tenant Board

Ontario Landlord Tenant Board

We have developed an experienced and result-driven litigation team that will make you aware of the rights stipulated by the Ontario Landlord Tenant Board. The biggest fear that any tenant has is eviction. Most landlord-tenant disputes happen because of this. And hence you must know these rules before you get into a legal dispute. Always remember, that a landlord can evict you only in specific situations. Also, the landlord must give written notice after filling forms provided by the Ontario Landlord Tenant Board.

Now, let’s get to know the eviction rules provided by the board.

Wrongful Evictions: If you have been wrongfully evicted, the Ontario Landlord Tenant Board states that the landlord must compensate you according to the rules. If the landlord has evicted you for personal use or renovations, s/he needs to compensate you with either one month’s rent or find a new unit. If the landlord has evicted you in bad faith, you can take legal action against them and demand compensation based on the existing rules.

Repayment Agreements: The board encourages landlords and tenants to sort repayment agreements before eviction. You can opt for a formal repayment agreement or an informal repayment agreement. In both cases, the landlord has to apply to the board for an eviction hearing. A landlord can’t evict you without written permission from the board.

Mediation: Sometimes, the board initiates mediation between landlord and tenant before eviction. This is done to resolve disputes faster and easily without many legal formalities. The mediation is done to hear concerns before the hearing. The landlord and tenant don’t need to reach an agreement.Ontario Landlord Tenant Board

If you need further assistance to understand the rules provided by Ontario Landlord Tenant Board, you can get in touch with us at SW Legal Services. We assist tenants and landlords in creating the required paperwork such as application forms and notices. Our experienced litigation team will ensure that all your legal needs are fulfilled accurately. Contact us now to know more.


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