Stunt Driving: What Can You Be Charged For?

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The relatively new and serious offence of Stunt Driving has severe consequences and many are still unaware why they get charged with the offence.

The most common offences for Stunt Driving charges being laid in the GTA are for speeding 50 km/h  or more over the posted speed limit.

This is a particularly tough offence as in terms of evidence, there is really no difference in the evidence for speeding 50 km/h over and 15 km/h over. The consequences however are extremely different.

Other Stunt offence: Racing, betting on a race or contest, ‘wheelies’, breaking traction ‘burnouts’, jumping a green light to turn left, or driving at a rate that is unsuitable for the conditions, driver or passenger hanging out of a moving car.

The penalties range from a minimum of $2,000 up to $10,000 fine, 6 months to 10 years possible jail term and license suspension. This is in addition to immediate vehicle seizure for 7 days and license suspension for 7 days.

It is more important than ever to choose strong defence representation. Experience and knowledge can’t be substituted.

Peter Swales

Licensed Paralegal

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