Qualifications a Professional Family Law Mediator Must Have

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Small disputes in any family are pretty common. However, when these disputes take a legal turn, it becomes worrying. Family disputes that need legal assistance may turn ugly quite quickly. Therefore, resolving them as soon as possible is crucial. Now, most people think to solve family disputes, you always need to file a court case. However, such is not the case! Instead of going to court, you can also take the help of family law mediation Vaughan services from a reputable legal firm. small claims NewmarketFamily law mediation involves a certified and professional legal mediator who can assist you in recognizing the issues and resolving them without going to court. However, this process is successful only when you have a qualified mediator. Here’s what you must look for when searching for a family law mediator in Ontario.

Minimum qualification for family law mediator

  • Intimate partner violence screening, training, and education. A certified mediator must have completed 21 hours for the same. 
  • Training for family mediation for approx. 60 hours. 

A mediator must have one of the following

  • University degree in human services field such as psychology, alternative dispute resolution, and more. The mediator must also have at least 10 years of experience working in this field. 
  • Must have worked on at least 5 family law mediation cases to agreement
  • Supervised family mediation practice for 100 hours
  • Family relations and family law education for 21 hours. 
  • Accreditation or certification for a family mediator from Ontario Association for Family Mediation, ADR Institute of Ontario, Family Mediation Canada, or Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario. 
  • Membership and a law degree from the Law Society of Ontario
  • Must have worked on at least 25 family law mediation cases to agreement
  • Must have 10 years of legal practice with a focus on family law Vaughan for 5 years
  • Family relations education for 21 hours. 
  • Master’s degree in conflict resolution, psychology, mediation, or social work
  • Must have worked on at least 25 family law mediation cases to agreement
  • Must have 10 years of legal practice with a focus on separation and divorce, relationship breakdown for 5 years
  • Family law education for 21 hours. 

Family law mediation VaughanSolving family disputes using a family law mediator will greatly help you in saving time and money in the long run. If you are interested in knowing more about family mediation, get in touch with us at SW Legal Services PC. Our team of professional paralegals will assist you in understanding the mediation process along with helping you find a mediator. Apart from assistance in family mediation, we also assist our clients in other legal aspects such as small claims Newmarket, landlord and tenant disputes, and more. 

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