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This is just a friendly reminder to everyone that SW Legal Services doesn’t just represent clients for traffic tickets.  We specialize in a number of practice areas.  On a daily basis we are handling any number of Small Claims Court issues, Landlord and Tenant disputes and summary conviction Criminal Code offences.

If you have a dispute involving loss of property?  Are you being sued?  Are you looking to recoup your damages?  Your choice of representation can make all the difference in your success.  We zero in on the issues, research the applicable case law and prepare your case with your desired expectations in mind.  Small Claims Court can be a nightmare for self represented litigants.  There are many procedural rules that must be followed.

Are you charged with a criminal offence?  We regularly appear before the criminal courts.  We have effectively represented many clients and were able to save them from getting a criminal record.  Remember, a criminal record will adversely effect your ability to find gainful employment and may prevent you from crossing international borders.

Are you a landlord in dispute with a tenant refusing to pay rent?  Are you a renter who is being harassed by your landlord and are not being provided the essentials to your living space?  We regularly appear before the Landlord and Tenant board at 47 Sheppard Ave, Toronto to advocate for our clients.  Save yourself the paperwork and time of appearing before a busy tribunal and allow us to do that for you.

We also appear before regulatory boards, tribunals and by-law courts.  We always offer a free consultation and will listen to your situation and offer a solution.  Do not hesitate to contact us at 90525-4567 or email us at to explain your legal situation.  Remember, it is far easier to contact us and receive a free consultation to start, rather than backing up the flow of water and looking for a solution when your matter goes off track.

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