Hunting or Fishing Charges?

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Have you been charged with an offence under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act or any other offence related to hunting or fishing?

Did you know penalties can range up to $25,000, jail time or the permanent loss of your Conservation license?
Other Acts and Regulations consist of:
1. The Federal Fisheries Act
2. Invasive Species Act
3. Federal Species at Risk Act
4. Endangered Species Act
5. Migratory Birds Convention Act
6. Trespass to Property Act

If you are a seasoned hunter/fisher or a novice and just starting out, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the laws to protect yourself from prosecution and to assist in the preservation of these species for everyone to enjoy. It is important to know the specific rules and regulations pertaining to the species of animal you are hunting or fishing. Some examples of such rules and regulations can refer to the size, age, sex, time of season, device or method allowed to catch the species, amount you can harvest, protected lands/bodies of water, and restrictions on sub species or protected species.
Did you know that Conservation Officers and other Provincial Offences Officers have very powerful allowances of search and seizure? Your license, rod/reel, gun, other equipment including vehicles can be seized and forfeited to the Ministry of Natural Resources for violating the rules and regulations. Monetary fines can reach $25,000 for serious offences. You can even face fines of a few thousand dollars for just catching a few fish out of season!

Most people who find themselves before the courts charged with these offences go “self represented”. It is important to know your rights and responsibilities. If you find yourself charged with an offence, SW Legal Services can assist you and make informed legal decisions on how to best defend against your charges.
For the best Defense of your natural resources charges call SW Legal Services (Call 905-235-4567 for details). SW Legal Services is a strong litigation firm with a winning formula. Our paralegals have a strong desire to win, we go to court as many times as it takes, raise every possible legal issue to protect your rights and win!

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