Caught Speeding?

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Have you been charged with a speeding offence and don’t know what to do? Call us at SW Legal Services and receive a free consultation. We can go over your ticket and explain the process we use to successfully defend against your speeding ticket, or any other offence which you may have received. Speeding is the most common offence laid under the Highway Traffic Act. You can be charged with even going 1 km/hr over the posted speed limit! Speeding under s. 128 of the Highway Traffic Act is any speed over the posted limit by 1-49 km/hr. Anything above 50 km/hr, the officer can choose to charge you with a major speeding under s. 128 or by laying a stunt driving charge under s. 172(1). Both of which you will find yourself being summonsed to court to answer to the charge. At those speeds, there is no “out of court” fine. You will also face demerit points upon conviction for any speed greater than 15 km/hr over the limit.
Has the officer reduced your ticket at the roadside to a lesser speed? If they have, did you know that if you challenge the officer’s evidence in court by running a trial, the prosecutor can elect to change the information to reflect the higher speed the officer reduced it from. This can only be done if the officer takes the stand during trial and gives evidence there was a higher speed. The prosecutor is not changing the charge, rather “amending the information” to reflect evidence of the higher speed. At this point in your case, there is no going back to take any deal.
There is a lot to know about successfully defending yourself on any charge in any level of court or tribunal. Why take the chance. Trust a professional.  Contact us at 905-235-4597 or by emailing to

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