4 Things to Do to Maximize Your Parenting Time

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Are you going through the process of divorce or separation? Do you have children? If so, you might have already realized the process is going to be tough and emotionally turbulent. However, with the right divorce advice Toronto, you can navigate the whole process efficiently. One of the things you need to prepare yourself for is developing a routine for parenting time. Parenting time will be either decided upon by you and your spouse or by the judge. And you need to abide by the days and timings of the same. Parenting time will be your chance to spend some time with your children. So, you can’t afford to waste it. 

Here’s how you can make the most out of your parenting time. parenting after separation

Be Your Best Self

During parenting time, try to be your best parent self. You can make every minute count. Plan a few activities with your children. Guide them to maintain a routine and abide by the house rules. 


Take Responsibility

It doesn’t matter whether the kids live with you or your ex-spouse, you must take responsibility for different tasks. For example, school pick-ups and drop-offs, meal prep, medical appointments, coordinating activities with your ex-spouse, and more. This will give you a chance to make the most of your parenting time. 

Gather Your Allies

While you are managing your parenting time, you also need to gather your allies who can help you become better at it. For example, you can connect with a therapist, or parenting coach, have a lawyer with expertise in family law Vaughan, and more to guide you in the right direction. 

Build a Paper Trail with a Good Image

protecting your parenting time

You may or may not have to present yourself in front of the judge during the divorce process. But if you do stand before a judge, you need to showcase a good image as a parent. Hence, start creating a paper trail as proof of the same. Attend parenting workshops, get in touch with a therapist or a parenting coach, and try to attend divorce workshops. You need to show and act as a committed parent in front of the judge. 

These are a few things you must do to ensure you get the most out of the parenting time and come out as a strong, healthy, and committed parent to your kids. If you want more legal advice on how to manage your parenting time during separation, get in touch with us at SW Legal Service PC. We provide professional and certified legal advice for divorce, parenting time, small claims Toronto, and more. Our paralegal team is always at your disposal. 

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