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Your clients are vital to the success of your business. A long and close relationship with your clients will ensure continued success. SW Legal Services understands that the need to collect on your accounts receivables, while continuing your relationship with your clients is equally important. That is why when you choose SW Legal Services to act on your outstanding accounts, our professional and sensitive approach conveys your own desire to keep the relationship intact, while working to bring the account back up to date.

Creditors who demonstrate that they are serious about debt recovery often get paid ahead of other debts, obtained by the urgency our collection process provides. If you know your customer is having trouble, it is always best to start the collection process as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss your opportunity to collect.

Our staff are not collections agents, but licensed Legal Representatives who understand the nature of the collections process, from initial debtor contact to the enforcement of a judgment. We are not a third party collections agency; we are contracted specifically to either collect, serve letters of demand, or litigate on a first party basis.

Our service fees for collections ranges from 20-30% based on the nature of the outstanding debt and volume of accounts placed with our firm.

Letter Writing Services

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If you are a medium to large business with a number of outstanding accounts receivables we can offer an inexpensive way to contact numerous A/R clients, increasing customer contact allowing your staff to focuses on the accounts that are generating income.

Our pre-judgment letter writing service includes a series of letters starting at the 30 day delinquency stage, all the way to pre-litigation, with each subsequent letter increasing in seriousness, so as to reflect the urgency to satisfy the debt. Statistics show, that this reminder technique decreases the likelihood of delinquency, without the cost of commission normally associated with the collections process.


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After attempts have been made to bring an account up to date, and the debtor still has not paid, litigation is often the only choice. SW Legal Services offers a unique experience to our corporate clients with our new On-Line client account. This will allow you to access the latest update activity of your file, keeping your informed at all times. Each of our clients who have placed 10 or more accounts with our firm are provided with their own unique log-in code giving you 24/7 access.

Flat Fee Legal Services

If you are a small to medium sized business, and can’t afford hefty legal fees normally associated with litigation, you can be assured that our flat fee service plan will allow for affordable legal action every time. No hourly rates. No surprise charges.

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